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The Royal Jelly Difference

"Healthy Cell News"

Queen bees aren't born, they're made; and royal jelly-also known as bee's milk--is the key to their creation. Genetically speaking, the egg--and later, the larvae--of a bee destined to become queen of the hive is no different than any other egg or larvae. Not until the fourth day of the larval stage does the difference occur. That's because all larvae are fed small amounts of royal jelly mixed with generous amounts of honey for their first three days. On the fourth day, the quantity and quality of the food is dramatically reduced, and worker bees develop from this new diet. But a baby bee hatched from an egg randomly placed in a special brood chamber is fed a continuous diet of rich royal jelly, and therein lies the key to the developmental difference.

Unlike the worker bees, the queen bee will develop sexual organs and a curved, retractable stinger, used to defend her right to rule (not defend) the hive. She will grow larger and faster than the other bees, and will live forty times longer. She will not develop worker tools, such as special secreting glands or pollen baskets. Instead, she will spend her long life laying eggs; around 2,000 each and every day, and equaling two and one-half times her own body weight. That's every day! This entire difference in development is based solely on her exclusive diet of nutrient-rich royal jelly.

Constituents of Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is perhaps the most complex and nutritious food produced by animal, insect or plant. It consists of vitamins A, C, D, and E, and is a rich source of the B-complex and related vitamins, such as biotin, folic acid, and inositol. Royal jelly is also the single richest source of natural pantothenic acid, known for its knack for reducing stress levels, among other abilities.

Twenty amino acids are also found in royal jelly, with higher concentrations of cystine, lysine, and arginine. Royal jelly is also a good source of essential fatty acids and phosphorous compounds. In addition, royal jelly is the richest source of natural acetylcholine; a vital substance that allows nerve endings in the brain to transfer nerve impulses from one nerve fiber to another. Patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease are also shown to suffer from a deficiency of acetylcholine in their brains. Acetylcholine is intimately involved in brain development and memory health.

Royal Jelly is abundant in nucleic acids--DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid)--the genetic codes that constitute and govern the existence of life. The mineral content of royal jelly--including calcium, copper, iron, potassium, and silicon--constitutes the smallest portion of this "bee milk."

Two substances found in royal jelly are believed to attribute to its antibiotic properties: gamma globulin and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid (l0-HDA). When combined as they are in royal jelly, the two make an effective infection-fighting, immune-stimulating duo.

Another substance found in royal jelly is gelatin, known as a precursor to collagen. Collagen is the vital protein that constitutes all connective tissue in the body, and it is a potent anti-aging element needed to retain the youth of the body, particularly the skin.

Supporting Evidence
The use of royal jelly in support of nutritional health is growing. Currently it is used and recommended by physicians in the US, China, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, England, and the Soviet Union. It is used for a variety of ailments, ranging from psychological disorders to heart disease.

Over 35 years ago Dr. Murray S. Blum, of Louisiana State University, found that an antibiotic-like substance (later identified as l0-DHA by English researchers) contained in royal jelly had about one-fourth the potency and activity of penicillin. Studies conducted by Dr. Blum and his co-workers revealed that royal jelly supplementation halted the growth of micro-organisms that cause intestinal and skin infections, such as warts, welts, pimples and boils.

Dr. Josef Vittek, a biologist, and Dr. Jaroslav Kresanek, a pharmacologist, at the Medical School in Bratislava, The Czech Republic, conducted extensive research on royal jelly. At the end of a five-year investigation they concluded royal jelly had anti-bacterial and anti-virus action, particularly against streptococcus, E-Coli, and staphylococcus. They also found that it accelerated the formation of bone tissue, and that
topical application of royal jelly helped to heal wounds in half the time. In addition, the researchers showed that serum cholesterol levels were lowered by the administration of royal jelly for 10 days.

In the end, Dr. Vittek and Kresanek concluded that royal jelly exhibits a favorable influence on body functioning and healing processes in many conditions. They also determined it has shown good results in the treatment of diseases of aging, such as hardening of the arteries, vascular disorders, and Buerger's Disease.

Other studies conducted in Yugoslavia and Japan also confirm that the gamma globulin and 10-DHA content of royal jelly stimulate antibiotic activity within the immune system, helping to thwart the invasion and effects of harmful bacteria, virus, and fungal infestations.

One of the most exciting contributions royal jelly has to offer it
its ability to prolong youth and beauty. It was once said that human beings had the age of their arteries. Currently, however, it can be said more precisely that human beings have the age of their collagen.

Skin is the most visible reporter of age; one might even compare it to the "town crier." Collagen is the basic protein component of the skin, and gelatin is the basic foundation of collagen. In order to maintain youthful elasticity, skin needs to have a stable supply of collagen, which the body can generate, providing enough gelatin is on hand. Royal jelly contains generous amounts of gelatin, and
studies show a marked reduction and even disappearance of wrinkles and significant improvement of skin tone when patients were administered royal jelly topically.

Researchers have also revealed that when given intravenously, royal jelly significantly improved skin tone, vitality, and immune system function, particularly in pathological cases. Royal jelly works at the
cellular level, and in clinical studies has been observed actually stimulating the growth of new cells. This aspect alone explains why "bee milk" can be used in the treatment of a wide variety of disorders.

For example, the abundant nutritional and hormonal content of royal jelly is believed to be responsible for the remarkable results in numerous animal studies. Fruit flies, when fed royal jelly, underwent an enormous increase in size. In addition, their rate of reproduction and lifespan also increased dramatically.

Similar results were obtained with white mice, chickens, roosters, and pigs. Royal jelly added to the diets of these animals significantly extended and increased the lifespan, sexual activity, and fertility of all groups, as opposed to those animals fed their normal diets. Egg production in the chickens fed royal jelly actually doubled.

These results prompted a variety of studies on humans. French biochemists found that royal jelly was beneficial in the treatment of human sterility and sex-organ insufficiencies, such as frigidity and impotency. In Italy, Professor P. Prosperi told the 16th International Beekeeper's Congress that he had excellent results treating 42 children at his clinic with royal jelly. Premature births, undernourished
children, and children suffering from various ailments all responded with dramatic weight gain and improved health.

Perhaps the most celebrated aspect of royal jelly's beneficial properties is its apparent cancer-blocking capabilities, as revealed in a Canadian study. Researchers at the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, Department of National Health & Welfare, Ottawa, and the University of Toronto, Toronto, conducted a study on royal jelly's tumor-inhibiting properties on mice.

Two groups of mice were used in the study; both groups were injected with mouse leukemia cells, but one group was given an "inoculation" mixture of tumor cells mixed with royal jelly prior to the injection. Within 14 days the group of mice not protected by royal jelly were dead, overtaken by tumors. The group of mice that did receive royal jelly were observed for 90 days following the death of the control mice, then sacrificed. Autopsies confirmed the absence of any tumors. These results were repeatedly confirmed over a two-year period.

Bottom Beeline
Many thousands of people, from celebrities to saints, have taken advantage of the nutritional benefits that royal jelly has to offer.

Professor Ricardo Galeazzi-List, of Rome, Italy, was the physician to the late Pope Pius XII. At the Second International Congress of Biogenetics he claimed that royal jelly was responsible "to a great degree" for the longevity of this pope, and that it had helped tremendously in the recovery of a grave illness during the pope's later years. England's royal family is also convinced of royal jelly's usefulness. Princess Di stated that it helped to lessen her morning sickness during a pregnancy, and Prince Phillip experienced relief from an arthritic wrist by using it. The entire royal family takes it for vitality and endurance.

Fortunately, you don't have to hail from royal lineage to enjoy all the
benefits of this royal bee's milk. It's available to us "regular folks" too.

This is an article provided by: The American Apitherapy Society
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The Primary Applications of Royal Jelly
From: "Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey", by Ritta Elkins, M. A.

wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Menopause Related Symptoms
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Impotence
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Infertility
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Chronic Fatigue
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Skin Blemishes and Wrinkles
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Immune System Stimulant
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Viral and Bacterial Infections
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Endocrine System Disorders
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Hormonal Imbalances
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Coronary Artery Disease
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) High Cholesterol Levels
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) High Blood Pressure
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Weight Control
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Broken or Weak Bones
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Retarded Growth
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Bladder Infections
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Wound Healing
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Anemia
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Inflammation
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Liver Ailments
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Cancer
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Arthritis
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Impaired Memory
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Depression
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Panic or Anxiety Attacks
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Parkinson's Disease
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Diabetes
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Asthma
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Anabolic Support (Athletic Abilities)
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Weak or Tired Eyes
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Arteriosclerosis
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Atherosclerosis
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Malnutrition
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Mental Exhaustion
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Mononucleosis
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Ulcers
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Eczema
wpe1.jpg (741 bytes) Impetigo

Any bee product can provoke an allergic reaction in a susceptible individual; we recommend checking with your Doctor to ensure your safety if you have asthma or anaphylaxis.

Royal Jelly Taste And Composition

What does it taste like? Royal jelly is a white or pale yellow substance. It smells a bit like cheese, it has a consistency like condensed milk, and it tasts mildly sweet and slightly tart.

More than 2.5% of royal jelly (more than half of the total fats) is a compound called 10-HDA which kills bacteria and microbes along with gamma globulin which reinforce and stimulate the immune system. Decanoic acid is also present which exibits a strong antibotic activity against many bacterial and fungal infestations.

Royal jelly also contains 29 amino acids and derivitives including all the essential amino acids. It also contains small amounts of many other substences vital to human well-being.

                                            A broad chemical analysis reveals that it has:
                         moisture content of 66.05 %
                       protein content of 12.34 %
  lipids, 5.46 %
                         reducing substance, 12.49 %
    minerals, .82 %
unidentifiable elements, 2.84 %.

                      aproximate density 1.1g/cm³
                       slightly acidic - pH 3.6 to 4.2
                                              testosterone (0.012~g/g fresh weight)

The major mineral salts are, in decending order: K, Ca, Na, Zn, Fe, Cu, and Mn with a strong prevelence of potassium.


Royal Jelly - Hiveful of healing by James F. Shceer, Contributing writer for Better Nutrition for Today's Living magazine. December 1994

Royal jelly is a favorite supplement of Barbara Cartland, mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific romance novelist of all time -- More than 500 published books. She is also known as England's "First Lady of Nutrition." Several years ago, when I interviewed her in her 55-room mansion, Camfield Place, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, she made a point of mentioning that she uses every product from the hive, including bee propolis and, particularly, royal jelly. "Do you know that the queen bee, nurtured on royal jelly, is 40 to 60 percent larger than worker bees and lives 40 times longer -- for years, compared with seven or eight weeks -- and, each day, lays from 2,000 to 4,000 eggs, weighing two and one half times her own body weight?," Barbara asked me. "One of the last studies on royal jelly coming out of Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., revealed that chickens fed royal jelly laid twice as many eggs as the others, and even the older hens on retirement started laying eggs again." "Many remarkable cures have been realized by people who take royal jelly regularly," she added. "There are enough such clinical reports to convince me that we should all take royal jelly daily with our other supplements." "Ms. Cartland's friends and relatives in Buckingham Palace (she is related to Princess Diana) are also believers in royal jelly. Palace sources say that most o the royal family takes royal jelly regularly, and that Princess Margaret, for example, who was dogged by chronic fatigue, went on this supplement and regained her optimism, zest and energy. Nutrition authorities all over the world are enthusiastic about the myriad health uses for royal jelly. James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch in their book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, write: "Royal jelly is known to aid in liver disease, pancreatitis, insomnia, stomach ulcers, kidney disease, bone fractures and skin disorders, and as potentiator for the immune system." Dr. Alfred Vogel, author of the perennial best-seller, The Nature Doctor , is equally sold on royal jelly and its widespread contributions to health. "Royal jelly not only vitalizes and rejuvenates through its efforts on the endocrine glands, but also successfully combats whooping cough, specially in children," Vogel said. "It has been found that children with a weak constitution soon pick up and have better appetites when on royal jelly." He also said that, "Benefits can also be obtained in cases of Bronchitis, migraine, stomach and gallbladder troubles, digestive disorders, bad nerves and the peculiar kind of fatigue resulting from weak functioning of the endocrine glands. These and many other health problems can be improved considerably, if not cured, by taking royal jelly regularly." "Moreover," he added, "it is maintained that people with a predisposition to cancer will benefit from a regular intake of royal jelly..." Royal jelly has some amazing medicinal properties. Some years ago, Dr. Murray S. Blum, of Louisiana State University, and associates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, discovered that royal jelly contains an antibiotic almost one-quarter as active as penicillin, without the side effects. Further, the researchers discovered that royal jelly stops the growth of bacteria that cause skin infections, such as welts and boils, as well as intestinal infections. Royal jelly is both an antibiotic and bactericide, effective in treating virus-infected patients -- particularly with various types of flu and herpes virus. What is the specific ingredient in royal jelly that does this? English researchers have isolated the antimicrobial substance and named it 10-hydroxydec-2-enoic acid. Still other biochemists, working on the hypothesis of Dr. Roger Wyburn Mason, stating that rheumatoid arthritis is caused by harmful bacteria, have discovered that royal jelly is effective in relieving symptoms of arthritis. Given daily injections of 50 mg of pantothenic acid, the B vitamin, along with royal jelly, arthritics -- especially the vegetarians -- showed excellent improvement: less pain and far greater mobility. Why is royal jelly on of the most sought after supplements for the healthy and the not-so-healthy alike? Because it is an incredibly nutritious food. Biochemists find that it contains vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, and E -- with particular emphasis on the B Complex, namely, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, biotin, folic acid and, of course, is especially rich in pantothenic acid, which is reputed to bolster the strength of the adrenal glands and to help reduce stress levels. "All the water-soluble vitamins of the B group are found together in royal jelly," writes Dr. A. Saenz of the Pasteur Institute in Paris in a paper, "Biology, Biochemistry and the Therapeutic Effects of Royal Jelly." He writes, "Physicians and biologists realize the prime role of the B vitamins in the cellular respiration and in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins." Royal jelly also supplies many minerals: calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon and sulfur, as well as the eight amino acids essential to human life... plus 10 more. Another exciting nutrient found in royal jelly by researchers at the New York Medical College in Valhalla is a complex compound that acts like a natural hormone and stimulates the sex glands of women and men. This discovery tends to underscore the findings of the French biochemists who concluded that royal jelly helps to overcome sterility and sexual insufficiencies such as frigidity and impotency. Still another French study discloses that women going through menopause took royal jelly for an unspecified period and appeared, by various physical signs, to look younger. The most remarkable fact was that some were again able to conceive. Royal jelly has widespread use throughout the world, as it is easily tolerated by most people, even the ill. Some research indicates that royal jelly may help life extension by revitalizing endocrine glands in the manner of live cell therapy and by revving up the immune system. The late Paul Niehans, M.D., famous for rejuvenating several well known historical figures, such as Sir Winston Churchill, with live cell therapy, once said that royal jelly is truly a rejuvenator. For external health care, as mentioned in Morton and Jean Walker's book, Sexual Nutrition , when royal jelly is spread on the face and neck in creams, lotions, or beauty masks, it usually softens skin and causes shallow wrinkles to fade. Also, several clinical researchers have found royal jelly to be effective in managing eczema, neurodermatitis and impetigo, a skin disease characterized by pustules. Such disorders usually accompany an extremely alkaline pH; royal jelly works to restore an acid skin mantle. Argentinean researchers Drs. J.R. Lamberti and L.G. Cornejo discovered that royal jelly contains a gelatinous amino acid which is a basic ingredient in collagen, essential to skin firmness and youthfulness. Collagen is a fibrous protein and a key part of connective tissue, which is a supporter and strengthener for the skin. These doctors use royal jelly for patients in two ways: by mouth and by injection in the veins. When used intravenously, the youthful-looking skin tone, the strengthened immune reaction and revenwed energy were especially marked in pathological cases. French biologist Professor Boyer de Belvefer has devoted much of his life to studying royal jelly and finds that it seems to  rejuvenate the endocrine glands and boost immunity.It also appears to strengthen the weak patients, benefit bronchitis as well as digestive disorders, gallbladder problems and migraines. Many of the health benefits of royal jelly were revealed by papers presented recently at the Second International Biogenetic Congress in Baden-Baden, Germany. For example, one of its little known benefits is its ability to help relieve emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, shock and senility, as well as chronic insomnia. A finding that calls for further testing is that of Chaim Kalman of Israel, whose paper on this subject is entitled "Royal Jelly's Effects on Faded Eye-sight." Here is an excerpt from that paper: "A man came to me asking for royal jelly, as fresh as possible. He asked me how much he should ake. I told him a tenth of a gram a day for at least three weeks. A week later he came to me and shouted excitedly, 'I can really see!'" Kalman continued, "When I questioned him, he told me he was under the strict observation of an ophthalmologist, because he could not see clearly. The doctor had not found any inflammation or deterioration or any other detectable fault, but had told the patient: 'Take royal jelly. I read in a medical journal that it can improve eye-sight.'" It certainly did in this instance.

The preeceding can be found @ http://www.golden-nature.com/apitherapylinks.html

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