Taking Fresh Royal Jelly


There is a 1cc/1ml oral syringe given out with an order of Royal Jelly. This is used to measure the dosage you wish to take and when you become accustomed to the amount you may find it easier to simply guess an approximate amount with a spoon. Using a spoon is sometimes faster and easier to clean than the syringe.

 The dosage should be approximately 1cc or 1ml per day, which are, incidentally, the same quantity. Some people may want to break the dosage up in smaller quantities throughout the course of the day to maintain a more constant blood level.

In order to get the most out of the Royal Jelly, it is recommended to place the dose under the tongue for as long as reasonably possible (sub-lingual), then swallow the rest.  The Royal Jelly products will be able to go directly into the blood stream this way.

It is also recommended that 1/2 cc be taken in the morning and 1/2 cc be taken in the evening. Sometimes when you are first starting to take Royal Jelly, you may find that if you take it before bedtime, it may keep you awake until your body becomes more accustomed to it.

Some people find the taste very disagreeable, disagreeable, mildly disagreeable, and just fine. In any case, if you are not able to comfortably take the Royal Jelly by itself, then you may try mixing it with a little honey. You may also try mixing it with anything else that is not hot, like milk. Some people have even put their dose of Royal Jelly in an empty gelatin capsule and then take it. If you do this you should take it soon since it will dissolve the capsule.

It is not necessary to place the Royal Jelly under your tongue in the case that you find it disagreeable. You will still get great results from total ingestion; it is merely a lot faster acting sub-lingually.