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Protein The Building Blocks of Life

Scientists at Bonny Laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland, They state, "bee pollen contains 35 percent protein, of which half is in the form of free amino acids; (complete protein) these are the Essential Nutritive Elements of Life which are assimilated immediately by the body."

Mme. A. Leru

Mme. Leru, chief of the French National center of Scientific research in Paris, compared the amino acids of bee pollen with those of animal origin and bee pollen was superior in every respect. Bee pollen contains 40 to 80 percent free glutamic acid an amino acid), which is able to cross the protective blood barrier in the brain and the reason bee pollen has been successful to enhance mental abilities.

Dr. Remy Chauvin, M.D.:

Dr. Remy Chauvin, M.D. With his associates at The Institute of Bee Culture, Bures Sur Yvete, Paris, and colleagues at different institutes around Europe have conducted more double-blind studies and basic research into the benefits of bee pollen consumption by human beings than any other medical group. Here's a brief study of some of their findings:

Antibiotic Qualities in Bee Pollen
"The antibiotic in honeybee pollen was extracted and found extremely active. Certain cultures of microbes were killed almost instantly with bee pollen extract, especially those agents responsible in the hard-to-control diseases such as salmonella (typhoid types)."

Intestinal Functions
The scientists think pollen's capacity for regulating intestinal functions may rest in its ability to destroy harmful intestinal flora.

Respiratory Problems
These scientists have found bee pollen to be helpful in treating problems such as fatigue, allergies and other respiratory problems (e.g., bronchitis, sinusitis and colds).

Endocrine System
Equally impressive, bee pollen helps balance the endocrine system, It is especially beneficial for menstrual and prostate problems. It is also effective in treating constipation and colitis, colibacillosis, anemia, circulatory disorders, neurasthenia and depressive states, skin fragility and hair loss.

Dr. G. J. Binding
Dr. G. J. Binding , a British scientist and world renowned expert on nutrition, says, "Pollen is the finest, most perfect food a giant germ killer which bacteria simply cannot exist in." it not only builds up strength and energy, but increases resistance to infection

Steven Blauer
Steven Blauer, Hippocrates Health Institute, says, "Pollen reduces or eliminates craving for heavy concentrated protein. An additional benefit is that pollen self digests, aiding in the
healthy digestion of other food.

Dr. H. Hiliman
Dr. H. Hiliman, Director, Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, says, "Virgil, Hippocratic and Plink all considered Bee Pollen to contain the
secret against old age."

Lars-Erik Essen
Lars-Erik Essen, MD, Swedish dermatologist, says, "Pollen has a profound biological effect
preventing premature aging of the cells and promoting growth of new tissue. It smoothes away wrinkles and stimulates blood supply to all skin cells."

Dr. Hanssen
Dr. Maraca Hanssen, British researcher, says, "Pollen is
rich in micro elements that may not be present in the normal diet. The presorption of pollen allows the trace elements to be incorporated in the body."

Dr. Leo Conway
Dr. Leo Conway, has treated over 60,000 cases of
allergies with bee pollen and says, "I believe pollen immunization can be achieved by incorporating bee pollen in food. "Resistance is built by continuing ingestion of bee pollen."

Steve Riddick
"fastest human in the world"

Steve Riddick, the man Sports Illustrated once called the fastest human in the world, made bee pollen a regular part of his training program because of its full spectrum
blood building and rejuvenative properties. Bee pollen is particularly beneficial for the extra nutrition and energy needs athletes and those  recuperating from illnesses have. It is well known to be the supplement of choice by world class athletes as an energizer and to help give that extra edge.

Morton Walker, MD.
Bee pollen also contains natural hormonal substances that stimulate and nourish the reproductive systems of both men and women.
Sexual stamina is increased by the multitude of naturally nutritious components found in pollen. Studies show that bee pollen does have an impact on sexual ability. Morton Walker, M.D., a medical journalist and author states, "honey bee pollen provides greater sexual vigor through the release of high energy chemical bonds and the generation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)."

Honeybee pollen works to correct a possible chemical imbalance in body metabolism that may be involved in either abnormal weight gain or abnormal weight loss. Bee pollen is a low calorie food, containing only
90 calories per ounce (approximately two tablespoons of pollen). Pollen contains 15 percent lecithin, which helps burn fat from the body.

Henri Luzuy, M.D.
Beauty and Bee Pollen
Bee pollen has also been found to be excellent for the
complexion. Many cosmetics in health food stores include bee pollen. Henri Luzuy, M.D., in his book, Pollen: "New Biological Principle in Cosmetology" writes, "Pollen extracts can be considered as factors of particular importance in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. The first visible effect of cosmetic preparations with a pollen extract base is the clearing of the complexion."

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